Schedule and Workpackage list of the AMIL2DA Project

1000 Co-ordination
2000 Finalization, adaptation, and documentaion of data analysis tools
3000 Cross-check of forward models
3100 Definition of test scenario
3200 Generation of vibrational Temperatures
3300 Radiative transfer calculations
3400 Comparison of radiance spectra
3500 Fixing of radiative transfer modelling problems
4000 Blind-test on basis of synthetic data
4100 Generation of test data
4200 Blind-test retrievals
4300 Comparison of results
4400 Fixing of Problems
4500 Discrepancies processor IROE-R
4600 Quantification and standardization of retrieval errors and spatial resolution
5000 Application to MIPAS data
5100 Agreement on a common data set
5200 Retrieval calculations
5300 Comparison of results
5400 Fixing of problems
5500 Analysis of residuals wrt particular problems
5510 NLTE effects
5520 Spectroscopic data insufficiencies
5530 Characterisation of applied microwindows
5540 Unexpected instrumental behaviour
5550 Inappropriate a priori data
5560 Other explanations for residuals
5600 Comparison to external data
6000 Reference Algorithm qualification