Ny-Ålesund '97

During March 1997 millimeterwave observations of stratospheric trace gases have been carried out at the NDSC station Ny-Ålesund (78.9N, 11.9E) as part of the ClO radiometer intercomparison (see U. Klein et al.). The new 278 GHz radiometer measured spectral data with high time resolution continuously over 19 days, except for 2 days because of unfavourable weather. Using advanced inversion procedures, which include an efficient standing wave correction method, and direct processing of the individual spectra, both ClO and O3 profiles have been retrieved simultaneously (see M. Kuntz et al.). The resulting series of 100 separate volume mixing ratio profiles provides an extensive synopsis of the ClO and O3 variations.

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From spectra integrated over typically 3-4 hours, up to 8 individual profiles per day have been inverted. This time-resolution allows the visualisation of the diurnal profile variations, exemplified here for March 17, 1997, showing in particular the strong variation of the lower ClO layer in contrast to the weak dependece of the upper ClO and the O3 layer.

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