Kiruna '96: ClO-Measurements

ClO shows a small group of lines at 278.631 GHz with a brightness temperature of about 0.1 K. The signature is superimposed by a neighbouring ozone line at 278.522 GHz. The following figures show daytime and nighttime spectra, measured on March 1-2 and the resulting profiles. The diurnal variation of the volume mixing ratio of ClO at an altitude of 20 km is obvious.

Raw spectra of daytime and nighttime ClO-measurements. The spectra are disturbed by standing waves resulting from multiple reflexions in the radiometer.

The same spectra, but corrected for standing waves. The correction procedure was included in the inversion process.

The inverted profiles of the ClO volume mixing ratios. The high concentrations in the lower part of the nighttime profile are a result of the long observation period extending after sunrise.

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