Kiruna '98: O3-Measurements

A complete time series of ozone vmr profiles for the whole duration of the campaign in 1998 could be retrieved. The series is composed from measurements at the strong ozone lines at 273.051 GHz and 274.478 GHz, if available. Else the results of the joint retrieval of N2O or ClO were used.

(29 kB)
Ozone vmr profiles from 26 January to 3 April 1998. An increase of the vmr values in an altitude at about 35 km in March probably due to the breakup of the polar vortex is obvious.

(14 kB)
Comparison of the vmr values at 27.3 km and the potential vorticity at 550 K.

On 27 March 1998 there was an ozonsonde launch at ESRANGE, Kiruna.

(24 kB)
Upper graph: Ozone spectrum measured on 27 March.
Lower graph: The resulting vmr profile shows a good agreement with the ozonesonde data.

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