Our campaign in winter 1999/2000 took place within the framework of THESEO 2000. Our measurements were carried out at the IRF (Swedish Institute of Space Physics) at Kiruna (67.9°N, 20.41°O, 425 m MSL). For more informations about THESEO 2000 click here.

Phase 1 (November/December 1999)
Phase 2 (January/February 2000)
Phase 3 (February/March 2000)

Ozone Loss:

(66 kB)
Ozone volume mixing ratio at 475 K level
from December 1999 to April 2000.
The red curve is a 10 day's average, the green curve
is the potential vorticity at 475 K over Kiruna (ECMWF data).
Ozone loss from January to March 2000 due to man-made ozone
depleting substances is approx. 1.2 ppmv or over 40%.

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