Schneefernerhaus, Zugspitze

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The Schneefernerhaus at 2650 m a.s.l. on the Zugspitze.

Due to political disturbances in Venezuela we operated our instrument at the Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhaus (Umwelt Forschungsstation Schneefernerhaus, UFS) on mount Zugspitze (47.4N, 11E, 2650 m a.s.l.) from 12 February to 28 July 2003.
For more information about the UFS see
Here you can find the latest picture taken by the UFS webcam which is viewing in the same direction as our radiometer.

Results for ozone and nitrous oxide:

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Time series of ozone vmr profiles (upper panel), ozone column amounts (middle panel),
and nitrous oxide (lower panel). Around day 79 the edge of the polar vortex was
over mount Zugspitze resulting in decreasing maximum ozone mixing ratios and descending
N2O isopleths. No increase of the ozone column amounts could be observed which
might be caused by chemical ozone depletion inside the vortex and the vortex edge region.
From spring to summer effects of the buoyancy in the atmosphere can be seen.

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