The Estación Alejandro de Humboldt

The Estación Alejandro de Humboldt de Investigación Ambiental de Mérida

The environmental research station on Pico Espejo was established in 1970 and abandoned in 1991. The building has been reconstructed by the Universidad de Los Andes at Mérida in 2002. On July 15, 2004, this station has been formally reopened by Rector Vargas. The naming is documented by the bronce bust of the historic German scientist Alexander von Humboldt, which can be found in front of the station. An executive summary of the inauguration of the station can be found here (247 kB).

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The view from the station of the cable car to the
Estación Alejandro de Humboldt on Pico Espejo.

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The monument of the German researcher
Alexander von Humboldt on Pico Espejo.

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