POllution: MODeling and ObseRvatiOns

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POMODORO is a CNRS-DFG bilateral project of four German and French research teams (IMK, University of Karlruhe; LISA, University of Paris; Laboratoire d'Aerologie, Toulouse; MPI-Ch and University of Mainz). The project is focused on the investigation of the global impact of pollution through biomass burning and anthropogenic sources. Despite numerous case studies, there is lack of knowledge of the impact of these processes on tropospheric ozone and the radical budget. Further the pathways and relevance of transport of pollutants into the lower stratosphere need clarification.

The project combines altitude-resolved MIPAS limb measurements of various primary and secondary pollutants (CO, C2H6, C2H2, PAN, HNO3, O3, HCN, CH2O and others) and IASI oz one and CO tropospheric column measurements with model calculations and data assimilation to provide a better understanding of the sources, uplift, chemical processing, long range transport and troposphere-to-stratosphere exchange of pollutants. Observations provided by this project will be complemented by MOPITT, SCIAMACHY, MLS, ODIN, ACE, a s well as CARIBIC aircraft observations and will be used to constrain and verify modeling of pyroconvection, long range transport and chemical processing of pollutants. The tools to be used include chemical transport models (MOCAGE), data assimilation tools (MOCAGE-PALM), chemistry general circulation models (ECHAM5/MESSy), and Lagrangian tools.