The Mérida Atmospheric Research Station (MARS)

The MIRA 2 radiometer is currently installed on Pico Espejo (8.5314°N, 71.0537°W, 4765 m asl) at Mérida, Venezuela. A description of the station in Spanish can be found here. A three dimensional view over the top of Pico Espejo is provided by Gerardo A. Sánchez Torres:

(95 kB)
View over Pico Espejo at 4765 m asl to Pico Bolivar. The
instruments for atmospheric research are installed in the
"Estación Alejandro de Humboldt" in the foreground.

(61 kB)
The entrance of the Estación Alejandro de
Humboldt. The building was recently renovated
by the Universidad de Los Andes at Mérida

These are the latest pictures taken by our webcams on Pico Espejo

The MARS project
The Estación Alejandro de Humboldt
Meteorological Data
The MARS-Meeting of 26th August 2005 in Karlsruhe

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